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Oobi at Work is a series of Oobi YouTube videos. It features Oobi as an adult and is the most popular out of every Oobi YouTube series, with about hundreds of thousands of views on videos.


Oobi, age 21, is working for a business company. He is in love with the secretary and often takes her out on dates after the work day is done. Oobi almost never actually works. Instead, he goes on epic quests and adventures to satisfy the head of the company, Boss, and also dreams to one day marry Secretary.


Oobi Cornelius WazzupEdit

The main protagonist in the series. Oobi is in love with Secretary and loves adventures. He works for a business company with Secretary and Boss. He claims to have a history of loud burping. W He is portrayed by Hayden Sanchez, who also portrays characters in Take A Bath, Oobi! and Oobi's Groobi Toons.

Secretary IlykfonezEdit

Oobi's love life. With an orange flower for a barette, Secretary manages to keep the same hairdo and always look her best. She has blonde hair and never disappoints Oobi even after his epic fails. She is portrayed by Megan Everette.

Boss BengeEdit

The head of the company. He is extremely fun-loving and enjoys working with his hired employees. Instead of being the normal mean and grouchy boss, Boss is the opposite and almost never makes anyone work. He is portrayed by Selena Conroy.

Susan Harriet "Sue" WorrellmanEdit

The main villain. She tries to destroy the work building in each appearance she makes (which is most episodes) though ends up in jail after being arrested by two policemen, Peter Policeman and Ol' Blue Eyes. She is portrayed by Emily Hatcher.

Peter PolicemanEdit

A policeman. He occasionally acts as a protagonist, though normally acts as an antagonist. He was named after his portrayer, Peterson Bianchi.

Ol' Blue EyesEdit

Peter's assistant and partner in work as police officers. He loves doughnuts and is normally seen with a brown doughnut covered in pink frosting. His name is probably not actually "Ol' Blue Eyes", though he is never called anything besides this. He is portrayed by Selena Conroy, Boss' portrayer.


Oobi at Work was cancelled in March 2012. The first episode, New Secretary in Town, was released in February 2011. All episode pages cannot be created here as there are over 100.

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